ESP Across Cultures 14, 2017

Index of ESP Across Cultures 14, 2017


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Foreword  Go to PDF page

Lucia Abbamonte, English media idioms of US confrontations across cultures: the Charleston Massacre – white supremacy vs African American dignity  Go to PDF page

Barbara Cappuzzo, Medical metaphors in economics news articles in English and Italian  Go to PDF page

Mariagrazia De Meo, From exhibitions to the screen: the challenges of subtitling art from English into Italian  Go to PDF page

Paolo Donadio, Post-trip narratives. A cross-cultural analysis of UK and Italian tourists’ online accounts Go to PDF page  

Antonio Fruttaldo and Marco Venuti, A cross-cultural discursive approach to news values in the press in the US, the UK and Italy: the case of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage  Go to PDF page

Alba Graziano, Marketing food through translation: an analysis of a hundred menus from Lazio Go to PDF page

Pietro Luigi Iaia, Linguistic and extralinguistic strategies of hybridization, simplification and reformulation in English and Italian multimodal popularized discourse  Go to PDF page

Adriano Laudisio, The adaptation of legal culture-specific references in cross-cultural rewriting: the case of legal drama  Go to PDF page

Anna Franca Plastina, Online health promotion: the cross-cultural construction of biopedagogical discourses of childhood obesity  Go to PDF page

Virginia Pulcini e Matteo Milani, Neo-classical combining forms in English loanwords: evidence from Italian Go to PDF page

Margaret Rasulo, Packaging anti-terrorist attitudes through the powerful language of colouring books  Go to PDF page

Giorgia Riboni, Languages for Specific Purposes on YouTube: a cross-cultural and cross-linguistic analysis of English and Italian makeup tutorials  Go to PDF page

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