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ISBN: 978-88-7228-792-7-1
Edizione: 2016 17,00 × 24,00 cm.
Pagine: 464
Tomi: I


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This volume collects twenty-four articles on the history and literature of the Late Roman West written over a period of more than fifty years, a companion to Wandering Poets and other Essays on Late Greek Literature and Philosophy (Oxford 2015). A third volume will collect my art historical and archaeological papers. A number of revisions, additions and (occasional) deletions have been made, but no attempt to update systematically. Ch 8 and 15, on Plyny’s letters and Martianus Capella, have been completely rewritten.



1. The Pervigilium Veneris
2. Poetae Novelli
3. The Date of the Scholia Vetustiora on Juvenal
4. The Funeral of Junius Bassus
5. Avienus or Avienius?
6. Psyche and her Sisters
7. Love (and Marriage) between Women
8. The Fate of Pliny’s Letters in the Late Empire
9. Momigliano and the Historia Augusta
10. Nicomachus Flavianus and Ammianus’s Last Books
11. Biondo’s Ammianus: Constantius and Hormisdas at Rome
12. The Roman Friends of Ammianus
13. Novus Error
14. Were Pagans afraid to speak their mind in a Christian world? The Correspondence of Symmachus
15. Martianus and his First Editor
16. The Transmission of Cassian
17. Anician Myths
18. Probus’s Praetorian Games: Olympiodorus Fr. 4
19. The Antiquity of the Symmachi 33920. The Imperial Pontifex
21. Pontifex Maximus: from Augustus to Gratian – and beyond
22. Junior Consuls
23. Flavius: A Nicety of Protocol
24. Polyonomy in the Late Roman Aristocracy: the case of Petronius Probus

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