ESP Across Cultures 2022
n. 19


ISBN: 979-12-5995-020-8
Rivista: ESP Across Cultures - Rivista in Open Access
Edizione: 2022 17 × 24 cm.
Pagine: 118
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Tünde Bajzát

The current state of teaching ESP in Hungarian Higher Education

Marisa Della Gatta

Hashtag “Stop the aggression”: strategic narratives of unsolved grievances in the Nagorno-Karabakh war

Cecilia Lazzeretti and Maria Cristina Gatti

English in Museum Communication: the case of multilingual South Tyrol

Sonia Maria Melchiorre

It ain’t come in straight lines. TV series dialogue and LGBT+ vocabulary in the English for Media and Communication classroom

Franca Poppi

Communication styles at work: how do members of different national cultures deal with information requests and directives when writing emails?

Giulia Rovelli

GATE: an Italian-English glossary of the language of academic administrations

Notes on contributors

Instructions for contributors