ESP Across Cultures 2021,
n. 18

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ISBN: 979-12-5995-006-2
Rivista: ESP Across Cultures - Rivista in Open Access
Edizione: 2021 17,00 × 24,00 cm.
Pagine: 164
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Diana Al-Aghbari, Pragmatics in the ESP contest: an interdisciplinary study

Richard Chapman, Questioning assumptions in English language teaching and ESP

Stefania Consonni and Michele Sala, Taboo, tabloids and Trump: the rise and twilight of a US President in digital mainstream news media

Ester Di Silvestro and Marco Venuti, Populist leaders and masculinity: a multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis of hegemonic masculinity performances on social media

Daniele Franceschi, Fostering multimodal literacy in ESP teaching: the case of lawyer-client interviews

Christopher Goddard, Legal terminology in English: the challenges of international contexts

Jennifer Lertola, Free commentary to enhance writing and speaking skills in EFL teacher training

Ian Michael Robinson, Preparing for CLIL in southern Italy and beyond: CLIL teacher training

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