ESP Across Cultures 2018, n. 15

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ISBN: 9788872289006
Rivista: ESP Across Cultures - Rivista in Open Access
A cura di: Christopher Williams
Edizione: 2019 17 × 24 cm.
Pagine: 104
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Flavia Cavaliere
Food-related terms in AudioVisual Translation – a cross-cultural investigation

Massimiliano Demata,
Manipulation and partiality in Italian translations of foreign news about Italy: three case studies

Daniele Franceschi
Simulating a lawyer-client interview: the case of Italian EFL university learners

Michela Giordano and Antonio Piga
EU institutional discourse: English and Italian brochures in a cross-cultural perspective

Rosita Maglie
Multimodal product promotion in the pharmaceutical industry across languages and cultures