ESP Across Cultures 2017, n. 14

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ISBN: 978-88-7228-865-8
Rivista: ESP Across Cultures - Rivista in Open Access
A cura di: Christopher Williams
Edizione: 2017 17,00 × 24,00 cm.
Pagine: 256
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Lucia Abbamonte
English media idioms of US confrontations across cultures: the Charleston Massacre – white supremacy vs African American dignity

Barbara Cappuzzo
Medical metaphors in economics news articles in English and Italian

Mariagrazia De Meo
From exhibitions to the screen: the challenges of subtitling art from English into Italian

Paolo Donadio
Post-trip narratives. A cross-cultural analysis of UK and Italian tourists’ online accounts

Antonio Fruttaldo and Marco Venuti
A cross-cultural discursive approach to news values in the press in the US, the UK and Italy: the case of the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

Alba Graziano
Marketing food through translation: an analysis of a hundred menus from Lazio

Pietro Luigi Iaia
Linguistic and extralinguistic strategies of hybridization, simplification and reformulation in English and Italian multimodal popularized discourse

Adriano Laudisio
The adaptation of legal Culture-Specific References in cross-cultural rewriting: the case of legal drama

Anna Franca Plastina
Online health promotion: the cross-cultural construction of biopedagogical discourses of childhood obesity

Virginia Pulcini and Matteo Milani
Neo-classical combining forms in English loanwords: evidence from Italian

Margaret Rasulo
Packaging anti-terrorist attitudes through the powerful language of colouring books

Giorgia Riboni
Languages for Specific Purposes on YouTube: a cross-cultural and cross-linguistic analysis of English and Italian makeup tutorials

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