ESP Across Cultures 2016, n. 13

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ISBN: 978-88-7228-836-8
Rivista: ESP Across Cultures - Rivista in Open Access
A cura di: Christopher Williams
Edizione: 2016 17,00 × 24,00 cm.
Pagine: 146
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Hmoud Alotaibi
The research gap in the introductions of Arabic research articles

Patrizia Anesa
Arbitration discourse across cultures: Asian perspectives

Mahmood Reza Atai and Fatemeh Asadnia
The prestigious world university on its homepage: a move analysis of an introductory genre set

Gaetano Falco
Economic and financial terminology in non-specialized genres. Can unskilled people make sense of it?

Irina Khoutyz
Academic communication: writing research papers as a culturally conditioned activity

Luisella Leonzini
Metaphor and the euro crisis: a cross-national study of metaphor use in English and Italian editorials

Ian Robinson
Corpus Linguistics and creativity: storytelling for university students

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