ESP Across Cultures 2015, n.12

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ISBN: 978-88-7228-800-9
Rivista: ESP Across Cultures - Rivista in Open Access
A cura di: Christopher Williams
Edizione: 2015 17 × 24 cm.
Pagine: 144
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Francesca Bianchi

The narrator’s voice in science documentaries: qualitative and quantitative analysis of subtitling strategies from English into Italian

Barbara Cappuzzo

Allo-repetition in academic settings. Cooperation, understanding co-construction and knowledge negotiation in the medical section of the ELFA corpus

Marta Degani

An investigation of American opposing political cultures in the speeches of Barack Obama and John McCain

Christopher Goddard

The pragmatic dimension of competence in ESP in cross-cultural legal contexts

Lynn Rudd and Antonietta Bagnardi

The development of a corpus-based learning object to improve written English language skills in Italian computer science PhD students

Federico Sabatini

Language, knowledge and community in museum discourse: Tate and GAM

Marco Venuti and Chiara Nasti

Italian and UK university websites: comparing communicative strategies

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