edited by Fausto Zevi
with a Preface by André Tchernia


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Though it first appeared in 1970, Romans on the Bay of Naples is still the indispensable reference work on the complex of economic, cultural, aesthetic and indeed voluptuary interests which bound the Roman aristocracy to that extraordinary “crater of delights”, as Cicero called it. The Phlegraean Fields, and in particular the “villas” of Baiae, became the main seasonal rendez-vous for the villa society which seems so lively in Cicero’s letters. They are also the best observation post for watching the business world concentrated in the port of Pozzuoli (Puteoli), which the aristocrats were in touch with via convenient local mediators. It was also an ambience in which there was still a proud memory of the Greek origins of the ancient coastal cities (Cumae and Ischia, Naples and Pozzuoli itself), and you could fully immersed yourself in Greek culture, with the intellectual illusion of participating in a world of deep spirituality. This republication contains a new bibliography and is complemented by a generous selection of the scholarly articles which D’Arms wrote about Phlegraean and Pompeian subjects between 1972 and 2000. These articles contain practically all of the new work on this subject by one of the great contemporary historians, apart from what appeared in his book Commerce and Social Standing in Ancient Rome (1981).


Preface by André Tchernia

Romans on the Bay of Naples
A Social and Cultural Study of the Villas and Their Owners from 150 B.C. to A.D. 400

Bibliographical addendum
by Fausto Zevi and David Nonnis

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