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ESP Across Cultures

ESP Across Cultures is a refereed international journal that publishes theoretical, descriptive and applied studies on varieties of English pertaining to a wide range of specialized fields of knowledge, such as agriculture, art and humanities, commerce, economics, education and vocational training, environmental studies, finance, information technology, law, media studies, medicine, politics, religion, science, the social sciences, sports, technology and engineering, tourism, and transport. The aim of the journal is to bring together scholars, practitioners, and young researchers working in different specialized language domains and in different disciplines with a view to developing an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to the study of ESP.

ESP Across Cultures
vol. 9/2012

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About Vol. 9/2012

Mahmood Reza Atai & Hossein Talebzadeh
Exploring visual and textual discourse of applied linguistics PowerPoint conference presentations

Alexandra Bagasheva
English for Language and Linguistics: the status of ESP/ESAP across (disciplinary) cultures in a Bulgarian philological department

Sibo Chen
TV drama and lexis: a corpus-based lexical diversity study

Yu-Ling Chung
Game localization: the script translation of casual games on Facebook

Sabrina Bonqueves Fadanelli
Linguistic issues in interpreting for non-native speakers of English in legal environments: an overview on existing research and laws

Viviana Gaballo
Exploring the boundaries of transcreation in specialized translation

Mohammad R. Hashemi & Esmat Babaii
Exploring the nature of mixing methods in ESP research

Ineta Luka
Facilitating the development of tourism students’ intercultural language competence in an ESP course

Elisa Mattiello
Abbreviations in English and Italian scientific discourse

Pei Lee Yeoh
The ideological metaphorization of precedents in sedition law in Malaysia

Abstracts of the articles may be found at http://old.unifg.it/esp/abstracts_9.asp


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